Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Rihanna photo prompts LAPD probe

"Rhianna photo prompts LAPD probe"

This article, by Joel Rubin and Richard Winton, discusses the issues of celebrity security and anonymity in criminal cases. They start of with a clear summary lead; the who, what, when, where and even why are clearly addressed within the first sentence. The nut graph of the article delves deeper into the topic, acknowledging both the fame of the victim and the fame of the alleged offender. They provide this information because it is relevant, but do not hang on the triviality of their fame.
I think the first half of this article is a clear, timely and newsworthy piece, addressing the issue of victim confidentiality in a case of domestic violence. With celebrities' heightened publicity and the invent of online gossip websites, such as TMZ, celebrities' private matters are becoming more and more public. The article claims Rhianna was a victim of domestic violence and her confidentiality should be honored; her being a celebrity isn't an all clear to publish legal documents.
The reporters provide a fairly even perspective on the story, touching on both the limitations on the freedom of a periodical to publish whatever pictures they choose and the legal lines they are crossing with the new advent of technology.
The article continues on to discuss the issue of celebrity confidentiality in a more general aspect. The reporters present a well rounded perspective, using sources from the LAPD, TMZ, and actual laws.
The reporters took what some people could consider a trivial celebrity news story and made it news worthy - addressing the social and legal issues that effect everyone, not just the stars.