Monday, March 16, 2009

Survey finds most women in L.A. County jail are repeat offenders,0,3859760.story

I thought this story was a quality, factual story. I really liked the reporter's use of statistics. I feel like the statistics help me to believe the story more. It is not just what someone is saying, it is what research shows.
Also, the article illustrates the problem and who it involves, as well as what is being done to change this. I liked how at the end, he addressed other problems within the jail system as well. Since I have started reading the Crime beat of the LA Times, I have noticed that quite a few reporters try to do something similar, but this is the first time I have read it and felt it was appropriate and well written.

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  1. Working numbers into a narrative can be tough. Sometimes we forget that the numbers represent people. The statistics help you believe the story -- that's worth remembering.