Monday, April 13, 2009

Charges filed in death of Angels pitcher,0,7295106.story
I really enjoyed this article. A lot of that can probably be contributed to the human interest aspect of the topic. When such a tragic thing happens to such a young, talented individual, it is hard to not become drawn into the story.
I felt that the video aspect of the story illustrated a good use of multi-media. The reactions that it illustrated were emotions that could not be captured in text.
I thought that the article addressed an emotional topic with a very objective and factual manner, without coming off as aloof or cold. The reporter did a good job at conveying that it was not just a baseball star that fell victim to a drunk driver, but also three other young people who were not famous.

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  1. The headline reads like a news story, but the content is almost like an obituary or a memorial of the different people killed. It mixes the facts of their deaths with memories from their loved ones. It's an appropriate article to look at after the Tracy Schmidt lecture because it includes the use of Facebook to get quotes from sources. Another good part of the article was the clear explanation of why Gallo is being charged with murder instead of vehicular manslaughter. It's very clear.